Video From: RKNA/SWRK Klub Sieger Show in Georgia

Arnold Vom Brukroft V1/Sieger & Best In ShowAlly Lordi Vom Carpio V1/ Siegren and Frankie Ivey Vom Carrabba Haus V1-Youth Sieger! Duchess Vom Carrabba Haus VP1 6-9 Female & Best Female Puppy


Carrabba Haus with another steller performance at the RKNA breed show, GDRK.. in Michigan

Carrabba haus with another steller performance at the rkna breed show, gdrk... in michigan.... arnold vom brukroft v2 12-18 month old class

edge vom carrabba haus v1 open males and also best male dog in show

edge vom carrabba haus also took home the stud dog title