Our Process



We believe, that the right upbringing is as important as genetics in breeding a great Rottie. Our methods incorporate the latest science of nutrition, health and character development. We strongly believe that our foundation-building methods provide our dogs with an edge over any other breeder’s Rotties

Custom Food

We serve a custom-blend food that is perfectly balanced for our dogs. The meat is 100% buffalo meat and uses absolutely no kibble! We believe that our advanced diet is a big reason why our dogs are the healthiest and best conditioned Rotties in the world. Compare our Rotties to those of other breeders and it will be obvious that we breed a leaner and more muscular dog


We de-worm every 6 weeks!  Most breeders only de-worm once the first year of a dog’s life. Our de-worming methods virtually eliminate any possibility of our dogs contracting toxemia or giardia. These are common protozoan parasites that if left untreated ruin the health, appearance and personality of a dog. Since we’ve been following this de-worming regiment, we’ve had a 99% success rate with hip dysplasia. We can’t say for sure that this is the single reason why (it could also be our diet, see above) but we strongly believe that the prevention of protozoan parasites is a prerequisite to growing a healthy Rottweiler.


We devote countless hours of training for each dog. Do we think the number of hours makes a difference in the development of a well-behaved dog? Let’s put it this way – we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t think so!

We have developed socialization training techniques that build exceedingly friendly, active and disciplined dogs. Our dogs play hard and they play well with people and other dogs. For instance, each of our dogs will be walked hours by the time he is 10 months old.




Never Spoiled

Our dogs are never spoiled. In case it wasn’t clear the first time, we’ll say it again: our dogs are NEVER spoiled. But, that is not to say we don’t love our dogs. We call it the “Carrabbahaus-Tough-Love Philosophy.” We teach them at a young age to fully appreciate human contact and play.  Our dogs learn that playing with humans is a reward they earn after good behavior. We’ve seen so many breeders who do the opposite – they teach their pups that playing with humans is a god-given right. Not here! Not by a long shot. The effect of this style of training is two-fold. Not only do we create extremely well behaved Rotties, but, we create dogs that love to play with their owners. And they play fully and actively (you won’t find any lazy-Suzies at Carrabbahaus). We challenge you to put any of our dogs against those of another breeder. You will see in an instant that Carrabbahaus Rotties are more disciplined AND more active then those of any other breeder out there.


We have three state of the art facilities. They are located in Staten Island, Syracuse and Germany.


Many breeders around the world have bought great Rotts but nothing ever came from these great dogs in the way of high quality offspring; Vince Carrabba not only has the greatest collection in the world of famous Rottweilers, he is taking those and making the newest generation of great Rottweilers from them…big difference from collecting and progressing. I have a strong reputation for doing solid breeding and I rely strongly on what Carrabbahaus makes as I see them as one of the worlds very best in breeding plus progressing the breed.
— Bob Flynn -West Coast Rottweilers