I would like to thank Carrabba Haus again for everything. We picked up our female puppy 3 weeks ago and she has been a joy for the family ever since. Danielle and Carrabba Haus were extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I have had even after we took her home. They invest quality time in their breeding and make sure you are getting a top quality Rottweiler. We took our pup Stella for her first checkup to get her boardatella shot and the vet said she was in perfect health and one of the best looking Rottweiler’s she has seen in the office. This is again thanks to the precision and care they put into their breeding. This is our first from them and definitely will not be our last.



We can't say enough about our Carrabbahaus puppy, Star.

We can't say enough about our Carrabba Haus puppy, Star.

He's almost 8 months of age and a healthy 83 pounds.

His genetics are incredible.

Everywhere we go, people are in awe. He's beautiful. He's powerful. He's fast. He's agile.

But more than his physical characteristics, it's his temperament and overall disposition that we're most proud of.

He's never, once, shown any signs of aggression. Just the opposite, he's the sweetest and most lovable thing ever!

And this is important to us because we have a 5 year old child in our home.

If you are looking for a family dog, a working dog, an intelligent, powerful dog - then the Carrabba Haus Rottweiler is for you!



My wife and I have always wanted a Rottweiler; now that we have a big back yard we started looking for a pup. After doing our research, we found Carrabbas Haus; right away their quality stood out.

We couldn’t be happier with our puppy Oso. Oso is a smart, loving, playful pup; we can’t walk a block down the street without someone telling us how beautiful Oso is.

We were also impressed with how Danielle keeps in touch with us and keeps up to date on Oso. When you buy a dog from Carrabbas Haus, you can see that they truly care about their pups.



Words cannot express how happy we are with our Rottweiler from Carrabba Haus! Vita is hands down the most well-tempered, sweet and affectionate dog. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She loves her 3 brothers very much and is always looking to play with them (a 7 year old German Shepard and two, 4 year old kitties). Both Danielle and Vince made the process of finding a puppy simple! They are always open and available to answer any questions we may have. Carrabba Haus is by far an outstanding breeder and we would highly recommend them to any of our friends looking to grow their fur baby family. We hope to work more with them in the future once we decide to grow our own fur baby family.

The Mansilla Family

Jessica Mansilla



After getting our puppy, Carbon, from Carrabba Haus, we cannot be happier with our choice of dog breed and breeder. Carrabba Haus has given us a pup that is smart, sweet, in good health and super playful. Our time choosing a puppy through Carrabba Haus was very easy and smooth thanks to the great communication between Danielle and the other Carrabba Haus trainers. We love that the staff asks for updated pictures of our puppy growing up and shows that they really care about each and every dog that they breed. We are definitely going to be adding an addition to our family in the future with another puppy from Carrabba Haus!

Rottie Parents,

Frank and Courtney Murgittroyd


Lincoln America

My name is Jason Gibbs and I am the owner of Lincoln America Gibbs, which I purchased from Carrabba Haus Rottweilers. I purchased him about 6 months after looking for a breeder. I came across Carrabba Haus' website and I read about Carrabba Haus Rottweilersbloodlines and breeding program. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of quality Rottweilers as well as a quality way to feed your dog. I was very impressed with what I saw at the kennel when introduced to Vince and Danielle. Their dogs were lean, muscular, well defined, and the best that I have ever seen. I spoke to Vince about the type of dog I wanted with what kind of temperament as well as what I would expect in a Rottweiler. Vince/Danielle directed me to the right liter and Lincoln was picked specifically for my family. Following their feeding program etc, Lincoln has been a great addition to my family as well as my work family. Of course with the training, along with advice from Carrabba Haus, Lincoln has been a blessing. There are not a lot of breeders that would stay in contact but Carrabba Haus is like family. If you're looking for a show or family dog, this is the breeder that you want to speak with and purchase a dog from.

Jason Gibbs MPA,LNHA




I got Harley from Carrabba Haus in June 2017 when he was 5 months old. I chose Carrabba Haus due to its attention not only to physical conformation but also for their dedication to producing dogs with outstanding dispositions. Rottweilers are big dogs and with a 3 ½ year old daughter at home personality was very important to me. I considered a younger puppy but after talking to Vinnie and Danielle they felt that Harley would be a good fit. When I met Harley I was sure he was the perfect dog for my household. He is physically big for his age and his conformation is definitely show quality but what is truly outstanding is his personality. He is exceptionally gentle for such a young dog. He approaches every situation thoughtfully instead of with fear or over confidence. It is VERY clear that Carrabba Haus lives up to its claims of working with their dogs to foster calm, well socialized, and gentle dispositions. Working with Vinnie and Danielle was a pleasure and they are always available for advice and guidance. I would recommend Carrabba Haus to anyone who is looking for a physically superior Rottweiler as a family pet or personal companion. These folks know how to breed for and raise a perfect puppy.

Greg Hilton 2017

Rottweiler Puppie


Thank you for creating our baby Boris. He is everything a rottweiler is suppose to be and more. We are truly honored to have a Carrabba Haus pup in our home. Vince, Danielle and Geri have been beyond helpful in any area I've had concerns or questions about. I am so grateful and privileged to have worked with them. Without them there is no perfect rottweiler.

The Ostrander's


After our male rotty Zeke passed away, my husband Chris and I were heartbroken. We had a female rotty named Chumley who also missed her brother. We weren't sure when we'd be ready to bring another canine companion into our lives.
About 9 months later, Chris forwarded me the website for Carrabba Haus. He was really impressed with what he saw and it said they were in need of some loving homes for some rotties going into "retirement". It touched both of us and we contacted them almost right away. I guess you could say the right time was decided for us.
After a really nice phone conversation with Danielle from Carrabba Haus, we set up a date to travel downstate to meet the dogs, in particular Unbro! Chumley of course came along, as the decision would also be determined by her interaction with the dog.
When we arrived, our first impression of Vince was that he was very professional and genuinely cared for his rotties. It was clear he really wanted to get to know us and make sure we were good people that would make the perfect fit. While there we also got the opportunity to see some of the Carrabba Haus rotties training at a nearby park, which was really fun. Strong, healthy, well mannered, great tempered and beautiful dogs!
Not long after that we met Unbro. What a beauty! He was so energetic and playful. You'd never know he was almost 8 years old! After spending some time with him, we introduced him and Chumley. They had a nice interaction, with no signs of any issues. Allow me to add that the area the dogs live in was magnificent! Vince really loves his dogs and provides only the best for them. We'd spent many hours researching breeders and it was clear that Vince was THE guy to get an addition to our family from. If adopting one of his dogs wasn't going to work out, when the time was right we would have waited to get a puppy from him. Vince and Danielle made us feel very comfortable and I have to say they made the decision an easy one. We knew we were doing the right thing not only for us, but for Chumley. By the end of the week we'd set up a date to get Unbro and bring him to his new home!
We are more than happy and impressed with Vince/Danielle and especially Unbro!

Cathy & Chris Tybor



I recently purchased a pup from carrabba haus in December. We are very impressed with her and her overall temperament with family and grand kids. Our pup (Mia) melts when the grand kids come over. Mia loves playing with the grand kids and has adjusted very well to our family. The whole experience was wonderful with Carraba haus very honest up front people top notch. This will not be our last purchase from Carraba Haus, very pleased with the experience. Once again, thank you Danielle for everything you have done for our family.



Let me first say I have always wanted a Rottweiler, I absolutely love the breed! Being a newlywed couple starting a family, my wife and I did a lot of research on breeders that produce the healthiest, most beautiful pups, with great temperament that would fit into our growing family. I found exactly that with Carrabba Haus. I was in communication with Carrabba Haus months prior to purchasing our pup. My inquisitions were always met with quick and pleasurable responses. My wife and I ended up purchasing a female from the winter litter. Luna is now 7 months old and an AMAZING addition to our family. She is in great health (as was certified by Carrabba Haus), has an amazing temperament and is truly a gorgeous pup. We have yet to walk or take her anywhere without being stopped and told how beautiful she is (of course she loves the attention from everyone, especially children). Carrabba Haus has also contacted me a few times since we brought Luna home, asking for updates on her and answering any questions about easing our pup. We have had a more than fantastic experience with Carrabba Haus. Their knowledge, and excellent service is driven by their great passion for Rottweilers. This is what makes them the best. I would recommend Carrabba Haus to the highest degree for ANYBODY looking for a Rottweiler to add to their family!


J, C, and Luna

If your looking for a rottie, there’s no better place then Carrabba Haus. From the moment we met these guys they made us feel like old friends. As far as the pup we picked a male. He’s almost 7 months old now. Great temperament, loyal, smart, getting huge & big block head. Vince and Danielle have gone above and beyond making sure our pup was healthy, fed right, was up to date on shots, and most of all that we were happy with our pup. Look no further for a breeder...these guys are by far the best!
Jason and Janine Wells


  Three years ago I wanted a Rottweiler; (unbeknownst to my wife); and I started doing my homework. After contacting several breeders; I emailed Carrabba Haus. I met Vince; and afterward had the pleasure of seeing Edge, Arnold, and the whole Carrabba Haus operation. Needless to say, I was OVERWHELMED. I wanted a puppy on the spot; but there was one hurdle.
     I talked it over with my wife; and although she was skeptical; she agreed to take a ride to meet Vince, Danielle, and the Carrabba Haus all-stars. Needless to say; once Edge plopped his head on her lap; she was on board. We have a 2 1/2 year old female named Greta whom my wife wouldn't trade for the world.
     I think what makes Carrabba Haus great; is aside from world class dogs; they are world class people. They have a genuine interest in ALL of their dogs; whether they just won a major show, or just posed wearing sunglasses on Instagram. They love them all; and will do anything for any of them. Greta, my wife, and I are proud and honored to be part of the Carrabba Haus family. 
                                         -The Schultes 


There are many choices when it comes to selecting a Rottweiler Breeder. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a breeder that claims to have the best, the healthiest, and the most titled dogs. The process of finding the perfect puppy can leave your head spinning, wondering if the breeder is really reputable or just another backyard breeder. If you want a breeder that knows the breed, whose dogs look amazing, provides constant breeder support, has immaculately clean kennels, feeds the best food, stands behind their dogs, and most importantly provides a healthy dog, you really do not need to look any further. This may sound cliché, but it is the truth. From day one, Carrabba-Haus has been there for me. Anytime I have needed any advice or help I get an immediate response. I cannot say enough how important it is to have lifetime breeder support, and Carrabba-Haus provides that without making you feel like you are just another “client”. We love our male Rottweiler so much. He is handsome and has the most perfect temperament. He has been such an awesome addition to our family. I recommend Carrabba-Haus to anyone in search of a Rottweiler. I personally will never get another Rottweiler from any other breeder.

Kelly & Taylor Botos