Carrabba Haus Featured on Upper Playgrounds Citrus Report

Legendary Rottweiler breeder Vince Carrabba and his dog Wolmack vom Carrabba Haus visit the Upper Playground store while they were on the west coast for the 2010 USRC Schutzland Nationals.

Vince’s Rottweiler, Dino vom Carrabba Haus, took first place of the Working Group and also won Sieger (Best in Show) at the 2010 USRC Schutzland Nationals. —The Citrus Report staff

Vince how did you start breeding Rottweilers?

I purchased my first Rottweiler at the age of 16. I loved being around my breeders and watching the different puppies and how they would develop. I started going to numerous dog shows with different breeders and I got the Rottweiler fever.

What is difference from a Carrabba Haus style Rottweiler’s then what most other breeders are doing?

We have our own distinctive head type, body structure and temperament.

Describe the care and training of your dogs especially when they are getting ready for competition.

Whether our dogs are being shown or not, they are always fed top of the line meats and all have their own conditioning program. We spend a lot of time show training our dogs to ensure that they are ready to compete in competitions.

Which of your dogs are currently competing and how have they done in recent competitions?

Karl vom Hause Neurbrand has now been in the top 2 at all shows across the world. We are now showing Dino vom Carrabba Haus. Congratulations to Dino; he has just recently won his first two shows under the top German judges.

Where do you see your dogs in the next 10 years?

Because we concentrate on detail, where most breeders do not, we see our dogs as being the most distinctive Rottweilers in the world.